‘Three Rivers’ Water Sculpture

Ashburton, South Island, New Zealand

The Ashburton District Council needed a town-centre landscape water feature to enliven their shopping area redevelopment as well as to direct pedestrians across a railway track, while blocking that view from the shopping mall.

Design for Life achieved these specific goals, and more, by creating what is a celebration of the entire region, with its world famous, snow capped mountains, irrigated fertile plains and three rivers running out through cliffs into the Pacific ocean.

All these extra elements are artistically incorporated into the sculpture.

The Ashburton mayor reports that “the end result is a sculpture that is unique to Ashburton and something that the whole district is very proud of.”

This sculpture brings all the elements of the entire Ashburton region into play in what we call a ‘signature sculpture’. It stands as an independent public work of art, created from the region for the region.

This is something we have become skilled at, interpreting an entire area and translating its essences into a work of art which its public can identify with and be proud of!