“NZI House” Water Sculpture

Wellington City’s commercial centre, New Zealand

New Zealand Insurance’s high rise building in central Wellington required something dynamic on its front courtyard.

Set amongst many other similar buildings, it needed something to make it easily recognizable and unique.

The company decided to commission a water feature from Design for Life and we created a strongly symmetrical sculpture to fit in with the powerful rectangular architecture all around. We wanted it to sound and look attractive in the harsh cityscape for passers-by and for office workers looking down on it.

The sculpture was to bring water’s gift of peace and equilibrium into the concrete and glass environment. A lot of the forms we used were asymmetrical with dynamic colours, breaking free from the formal structures of the feature’s design and surrounding architecture.


“…we are continually gratified by the numbers of passers-by, and visitors to the building, who comment favourably about the pool and sculpture. It certainly has drawn a lot of good feeling for the building.” – Property Manager, NZI. 1990.