A selection of some of the 5000 Flowform® worldwide projects, made possible by John Wilkes’ discovery and subsequent development of the Flowform Method from 1970. These projects have been possible through collaboration with many colleagues since that time. Many more are due to be loaded into this central Flowform® brand website.


China: The Living Water Garden , Chengdu Sichuan Province

The Chengdu river water garden incorporates Flowform® sculptural eco-technology to enliven constructed wetland areas, that purify town water run off before it goes into the river, refreshed and clean. This landscape of stone and plants creates a natureal design space for families to socialise, learn about and play with water. The project was conceived and completed by Betsy Damon and her team.


England: Nuneaton City Centre, pedestrian area.

John Wilkes and his team designed and installed this water sculpture to bring the lively sound and sights of running water into the urban centre of this Midlands town.


Holland: ING Bank Amsterdam.

Flowform® projects were designed and installed in the ten towered ING headquarters by John Wilkes and his team over several years.  “The most poetic and ecologically sound innovations in the bank’s design are the Flowforms” Elaine Louie, New York Times Feb 1990.



Holland: Various Architectural Installations

Various Dutch banks and businesses commissioned Paul van Dijk to design Flowform® water features for foyers, tower spaces and social areas in their city centre buildings.

These were often developed to incorporate a lot of vertical experience and lively colours and materials in a wide range of interior and exterior situations.


Holland: Warmonderhof Agricultural College Trials



New Zealand: Ashburton City Centre, ‘Three Rivers’ public water sculpture

The Ashburton District Council, in NZ’s South Island , wanted to enliven their town centre’s shopping area while integrating the railway track passing through the town. Iain Trousdell and his team designed and installed the project with the Council as a ‘signature sculpture’ that portrayed the entire region in the centre of the town.


New Zealand: Hastings City Centre, Hauku Nui sculpture

(Merit Award 1991, New Zealand Planning Institute)
Iain Trousdell and his group were commissioned by the Hastings City Council to create a large central feature to serve a multitude of purposes. The sculpture, located in the heart of the commercial area,  brought flowing water and negative ions into the central shopping area, in the mixed style of Mission Architecture and Maori design.


New Zealand: Lake Te Ko Utu in Cambridge, Waikato

Lake Te Ko Utu, a 25 hectare lake, was dying from eutrophication and lack of movement. One arm of the lake was especially stagnant, and has been rejuvenated through the use of our Flowform® Superstream™ cascades, where one metre of our eco-technology has the same rejuvenating effect as approximately ten metres of natural stream movement, while also being a beautiful walkway and playground for visitors to the park. Designed and completed by Iain Trousdell and colleagues.


New Zealand: ‘NZI House’ Water Sculpture

New Zealand Insurance’s high rise building set in the centre of NZ’s capital city Wellington,  required something dynamic on its front courtyard, something easily recognizable and unique. Designed and installed by Iain Trousdell, the water feature acted as a focus for the people in the city as well as a marker for the NZI business and building.


New Zealand: Putaruru ‘Blue Spring’ Waterpark

The South Waikato District Council wanted an inviting  urban centre park to enliven and refocus Putaruru town,  attracting more visitors from the many thousands of cars that travel through the town north to Auckland. Iain Trousdell created a water park with Richard Greenwood that fulfilled this design brief and more. In 2009 the central Flowform® sculpture was refurbished in order to continue the active function it fulfills.


Norway: BioSophia Grain Milk Production



Sweden: Tullgarn Palace, Swedish royal family summer residence

These Flowform® water activation cascades increase biological activity in the Tullgarn Palace biological effluent ponds park through oxygenation and water polishing. The Flowform® project was designed and completed by Nigel Wells and colleagues.


Switzerland: Giubiasco Town Water Project