SEVENFOLD II (Cast in Europe and California, supplied to anywhere)

This Flowform model is an artistic masterpiece of metamorphosis, creating sculptural forms that hold, enrich and deliver reinvigorated water, combined with the joys of a chuckling and flowing stream. John Wilkes has created these beautiful evolving forms to carry the onlooker through an enlivening process as well as the improving water itself.

Available: Europe, USA and sea freighted to anywhere else.
Designers: John Wilkes (ARCA), Hans Jorg Palm
Material: granite stone with cement binder, acid etched.
Optimum Flowrate : 35 litres per minute
Approximate Measurements: 3 metres in length, 1.6 metres at widest, 1.8 metres height of full cascade.

General Specifications File
Sevenfold II Complete Plan Two Versions
Sevenfold II Plan Variations

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