MEANDER (Cast in Europe and NZ, supplied to anywhere)

Designed to work on a slight slope, the ‘yin and yang’ Meander forms are used in kindergarten, home garden and public environments, reproducing a softly flowing rhythmic stream with no waterfalls, except at the very end of the series.

There is a left and a right form that proceed in a straight line when alternated one after another, while, if only ‘rights’ or ‘lefts’ are used then the series will curve either right or left. This gives a great range of directions open for design in any slightly sloping gradient. Slopes can also be created especially for the Meander stream.

Available: New Zealand, Europe and sea-freighted anywhere else.
Designers: John Wilkes, Ian Trousdell
Two models: one UK design, the other NZ design. Each set is made up of an Entryform, and a Right and a Left Flowform™ design used in any number of series.
Material: Caststone
Optimum Flowrate : 150 litres per minute
Gradient: Between 1:10 to 1:12. Designed to operate on a slight slope.
EU model: Length 90 cm / Width 71 cm / Height 24 cm
NZ model:Length 69 cm / Width 67 cm / Height approx 28 cm
Weight: NZ approx 45 kgs, EU model solid 80 kgs

Meander NZ Information
Meander UK Specifications

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