KOTUKU (low stocks, only available in UK and EU)

An ‘exterior’ ceramic vase that enlivens the environment for your garden, courtyard or patio. It is very simple to set up, requiring only 60 litres of water and a power socket for the pump that comes with it.

The ‘Kotuku’ can enliven tap water for drinking or activate liquid fertilizers for your pot plants and garden. It comes with a water collection shute.

Beautifully produced by an ethical Buddhist family in their top quality ceramic studio factory in South Vietnam.

Available: New Zealand, USA and air/seafreighted anywhere else.
Designers: Iain Trousdell, Ian Provines
Material: Slipcast ceramic, with food safe glazes
Optimum Flowrate : 12 litres per minute
Length 41 cms / Width 41 cms / Height 70 cms
Weight 13 kgs in ceramic

Kotuku Install Instructions
Kotuku Agriculture Use Instructions

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