KOTUKU (sorry – no longer available)

An ‘exterior’ ceramic vase that enlivens the environment for your garden, courtyard or patio. It is very simple to set up, requiring only 60 litres of water and a power socket for the pump that comes with it.

The ‘Kotuku’ can enliven tap water for drinking or activate liquid fertilizers for your pot plants and garden. It comes with a water collection shute.

Beautifully produced by an ethical Buddhist family in their top quality ceramic studio factory in South Vietnam.

Available: No longer available
Designers: Iain Trousdell, Ian Provines
Material: Slipcast ceramic, with food safe glazes
Optimum Flowrate : 12 litres per minute
Length 41 cms / Width 41 cms / Height 70 cms
Weight 13 kgs in ceramic

Kotuku Install Instructions
Kotuku Agriculture Use Instructions

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