Every pond needs a stream to keep it fresh and oxygenated.

Flowform® eco-technology is that mountain stream, and in fact it is a Superstream™, oxygenating and rejuvenating your pool or pond water most effectively.

When we capture fresh water for our own use, we take it out of Nature, storing and transporting it in ways that reduce its capacity to support life.

Flowform® eco-technology helps water support life, but using Nature’s best methods of water rejuvenation. It has been effective in many many  pools and ponds around the world, creating a refreshed water environment.

What is the Superstream Effect™?   It is where one forward Flowform® metre is similar to10 metres of natural stream flow with regard to water treatment. This is because the average drop of water flows repeatedly through a side to side, figure-eight in every Flowform® unit. Its like unraveling a figure8 ball of wool… lots of length all wrapped up in a small forward space.

So, a 5 metre long Flowform® cascade is about the same as a 50 metre active stream, in terms of water movement.

And it is water movement that Nature uses to activate water, to refresh fresh water

Do take a look at the Flowform® video above to see this figure8 that is unique to our Flowform® technology.

Garden Ponds:   We have many instances of our cascades, even a single form, radically changing the quality of the water and the pond life. Fish become lively, the anaerobic algaes and sludges disappear and the water takes on a sparkling fresh look.

Lifestyle Property Larger Ponds: many small farmers dig in ponds, collect rain or bore water and then become surprised that it becomes stagnant, supporting mosquito larvae and algaes. Our Flowform® returns the pond to a natural condition, as it would be in the mountains with a stream feeding it, when a cascade is installed. In addition the sculptures, the fascinating moving water and its relaxing splashing sounds add greatly to the landscape.. with greatly reduced or eliminated mosquito and algae infestations.

Public Lakes: even small lakes over several acres can be improved using Flowform® cascades, as can be seen in the Lake te Ko Utu project in the Waikato, New Zealand. (see below) Once the water starts to travel through the middle of the still and stagnant body of water, the oxygen and the energetic frequency information spreads out through the whole water through internal currents and molecular passage of substance and frequencies. This can be done by introducing a small amount of artesian water, that is Superstreamed™ into something much more, or by recycling the water from the far side of the lake to the top of the Flowform® cascade down back into the main body of water. This then travels through the lake creating multiple internal streams.

Conventional Swimming Pools: The addition of a Flowform® cascade adds greatly to the landscaping and social effect around your pool, while giving your pool what it wants… a mountain stream to treat the water! The water is simply routed from after the filtration system to the top of the cascade, to run directly into the pool through a lively, heart pulse waterfall.  With the water no longer being semi-stagnant and in need of chlorine treatment to be safe and clean, you will find you need less chemicals and the water will feel softer and fresher with an extra sparkle to it.

Natural Swimming Pools: we have various projects in Europe and New Zealand where home owners have created a natural pond for a family swimming pool, filtered by sand, reeds and rushes and run through a Flowform® cascade to oxygenate and refresh it prior to returning to the pool. Our Flowform® technology is experienced as an essential component of these living systems that needs no chemical treatment at all.

Horticultural Lagoons: (in process)

Grey Water Treatment Ponds: (in process)

Aquaculture Ponds

Effluent Ponds: while we have a special Effluent Treatment section on this, it is worth noting that the Flowform® technology is so effective it can transform liquid effluent waste into usable fresh liquid fertiliser, by supporting the micro-organisms that need the oxygen and energetic water to do manage this transformation.


Natural Swimming Pool by Gary Williams

Oxygenation Report

Water Treatment Report (including Effluent)

Refer also to the Warmonderhof Project below, (in process)  a 5 year study in a Dutch Agricultural College, which showed the effectivenss of the Flowform® Method over step cascade oxygenation, even when both methods oxygenated to the same levels. In effect, the Flowform® ponds had stream creatures living in them  while the control ponds had pond flora and fauna… yet the oxygenation was the same!



New Zealand: Lake Te Ko Utu in Cambridge, Waikato

Lake Te Ko Utu, a 25 hectare lake, was dying from eutrophication and lack of movement. One arm of the lake was especially stagnant, and has been rejuvenated through the use of our Flowform® Superstream™ cascades, where one metre of our eco-technology has the same rejuvenating effect as approximately ten metres of natural stream movement, while also being a beautiful walkway and playground for visitors to the park. Designed and completed by Iain Trousdell and colleagues.


AKALLA (Available within UK or export from UK)

Harmonic, rounded river boulder shaped water sculptures, that move water through vigorous cascades in the small form, active flow in the medium form and broad streams in the large form, which also has a tiny figure8 action in a ventricle at its outfall. These are ideal water features to create a gorgeous stream that can also enliven ponds. They can be arranged in any order to suit the landscape plan.

EMERSON I (Cast in Europe and California, supplied to anywhere)

A popular figure8 cascade with rich water movement and formal shell-like wings, flowing in tiered steps.

EMERSON II (Cast in Europe and California, supplied to anywhere)

Smaller than Emerson I, the Emerson II is a popular figure8 cascade with rich water movement and formal shell-like wings, flowing in tiered steps.

VORTEX (Cast in NZ, California and UK, supplied to anywhere)

Especially designed to activate water energy frequencies, as well as to oxygenate and polish water, the Vortex model creates powerful vortices swirling in opposite directions through a figure8.

These vortices fall into a chaos chamber that opens up the water to cosmic radiation, which is a quantum physics concept regarding information frequencies.

This helps increase water’s capacity to support in gardening, farming and aquaculture.