Most water humanity captures out of nature becomes stagnant – this is why it is filtered and has chemicals added, and has oxygen bubbled into it to clean out the organic materials and kill pathogens. Nature deals with this safely through water movement. Flowform eco-technology bio-mimics this.

Actual and Potential Applications

Food Production
i.    Bread making factories – bread rises faster, tastes better and lasts longer
ii.    Cheesery curing atmosphere – felt it added to the quality of curing
iii.   Liquids mixing – kidney shaped Flowform models are very effective mixers
Drink Production – much factory water found from filtered town supply or artesion bores.
Flowform water is therefore as if treated by a mountain stream, with the pulse of life in it. Indications exist this may increase solubility of water.
i.    Fruit juices
ii.   Organic Milk
iii.  Health drinks
iv.  Grain milk
i.    Inquiry – improve natural dying of textiles in Flowform water?

i.    Homoepathic potentization in larger volumes to keep up with European demand


  • Eco-technology – all Flowform® products improve water quality – used for whatever purpose.
  • Flowform Projects can combine multiple simultaneous benefits –landscaped ponds can also be treating filtered wastes while acting as an educational and psychologically relaxing water feature
  • Superstream™ Effect: all Flowform products move water through a Figure8, side-to-side flow path,  with water running repeatedly through this before moving onto the next form – creating what we term the Superstream™ Effect, where a Flowform® cascade is equal in water movement length to approximately ten times that of a natural stream. Therefore, 5 metres of Flowform length can have the same quality improvement impact on water that 50 metres of a mountain stream does. Our small ceramic commodity product is the same as a three metre small stream!
  • Flowform water can be oxygenated much more effectively than bubbling systems – we can deal with volumes up to 5 million litres, with sufficient cascades. Water is sheared, has oxygen bonded in it and them restructured through the laminar and vortical, turbulent and harmonic flows. Science back up.
  • Flowform water is influenced at the energetic level – which is now understood by Western science to be a third water quality, as well as chemical and organic. This helps water support life but is still difficult for many people to understand except more so in Asia.


Oxygenation Report
Water Treatment Report (including Effluent)



Norway: BioSophia Grain Milk Production



GLONN (Clear lightweight, cast in NZ for the world – Solid, cast in US & UK)

Especially designed in a very steep slope to activate water energy frequencies, as well as to oxygenate and polish water, the Glonn 80 model creates powerful swirling in opposite directions through a figure8, with a vortex falling into a chaos chamber below. This helps increase water’s capacity to support life in gardening, farming and aquaculture.

VORTEX (Cast in NZ, California and UK, supplied to anywhere)

Especially designed to activate water energy frequencies, as well as to oxygenate and polish water, the Vortex model creates powerful vortices swirling in opposite directions through a figure8.

These vortices fall into a chaos chamber that opens up the water to cosmic radiation, which is a quantum physics concept regarding information frequencies.

This helps increase water’s capacity to support in gardening, farming and aquaculture.