Flowform® water features are unique in that they beautify a landscape while improving water quality, backed by science.

Flowform® eco-technology arises directly out of Nature’s way of working, and therefore is both efficient and beautiful. It fulfils social, artistic and technical functions through landscape art and effective water treatment, simultaneously.

  • Landscape Focus: Flowform® landscape art in your garden gives a design focus and social stimulus for your garden. It attracts birds and, from client reports, enhances plant health all around the cascades and operates as a safe waterplay zone for children. As well it softens the air with negative ions (positive energy!)and broadcasts the peaceful relaxing sound of active running water. We have had clients say this is the Summer equivalent of the Winter fire…
  • Garden Ponds Energized: our eco-technology provides a sculpted mountain stream to enliven ponds in gardens, of any sizes, even up to several hectare ponds in public gardens. This is because of the Superstream™ Effect, where one forward Flowform® metre is similar to10 metres of natural stream flow withregard to water treatment. This is because the water flows repeatedly through a side to side figure8 in each sculpture.
  • Swimming Pool Landscaping and Water Energizing: The addition of a Flowform® cascade adds greatly to the landscaping and social effect around your pool, while giving your pool what it wants… a mountain stream to treat the water! The water is routed from the filtration system to the top of the cascade, to run directly into the pool through a lively, heart pulse waterfall that restructures the water at a molecular level. With the water refreshed and active, you will find you need less chemicals and the water will feel softer and fresher with an extra sparkle to it.
  • Water Flow Maximized: Because of the Figure8™ side to side, streaming flow a relative trickle of water is captured to become a moving body of water. This makes the water flow appears to be much greater than the actual flowrate would normally look like, and costs less to create!
  • Cost Effective Installation in Landscaping: Normally with other landscaped cascades and streams, much preparatory work is needed to ensure that water does not leak out of the structure. With the Flowform® streams and cascades, water is contained within the sculptures, and these fit together logically on a firm base of steps or sloping gradient.


ASHDOWN (Cast in UK, supplied to anywhere)

This beautiful Flowform™ spring provides the soft glistening sight of water curving over smooth surfaces, with the rhythms of a peaceful heart.

AKALLA (Available within UK or export from UK)

Harmonic, rounded river boulder shaped water sculptures, that move water through vigorous cascades in the small form, active flow in the medium form and broad streams in the large form, which also has a tiny figure8 action in a ventricle at its outfall. These are ideal water features to create a gorgeous stream that can also enliven ponds. They can be arranged in any order to suit the landscape plan.

EMERSON I (Cast in Europe and California, supplied to anywhere)

A popular figure8 cascade with rich water movement and formal shell-like wings, flowing in tiered steps.

EMERSON II (Cast in Europe and California, supplied to anywhere)

Smaller than Emerson I, the Emerson II is a popular figure8 cascade with rich water movement and formal shell-like wings, flowing in tiered steps.

MEANDER (Cast in Europe and NZ, supplied to anywhere)

Designed to work on a slight slope, the ‘yin and yang’ Meander forms are used in early childhood centers, schools, home gardens and public environments, reproducing a softly flowing rhythmic stream with no waterfalls, except at the very end of the series.