World renowned Flowform® water sculptures bring dynamic yet controllable flowing water  into a wide range of design situations most effectively.

  • The unique Flowform® water signature is a fascinating, harmonizing figure8 rhythmic flowpattern, made possible by John Wilkes’ Flowform® invention in 1970.
  • We have numerous Flowform® designs to apply to your unique situation.
  • We can create completely new water designs for premium architectural projects.
  • We maximize dynamic water experience through the Superstream™ effect, which brings a relatively small water flow into a broad enriched water experience, flowing over beautiful sculpted hydrological surfaces.
  • Water quality is also improved through Flowform® sculptures, backed by solid science and many successful water treatment projects.
  • Therefore, Flowform® features can also treat roof run off water, swimming pools and ponds, saving conventional treatment costs while helping the water to support life.



Holland: ING Bank Amsterdam.

Flowform® projects were designed and installed in the ten towered ING headquarters by John Wilkes and his team over several years.  “The most poetic and ecologically sound innovations in the bank’s design are the Flowforms” Elaine Louie, New York Times Feb 1990.



Holland: Various Architectural Installations

Various Dutch banks and businesses commissioned Paul van Dijk to design Flowform® water features for foyers, tower spaces and social areas in their city centre buildings.

These were often developed to incorporate a lot of vertical experience and lively colours and materials in a wide range of interior and exterior situations.


New Zealand: ‘NZI House’ Water Sculpture

New Zealand Insurance’s high rise building set in the centre of NZ’s capital city Wellington,  required something dynamic on its front courtyard, something easily recognizable and unique. Designed and installed by Iain Trousdell, the water feature acted as a focus for the people in the city as well as a marker for the NZI business and building.