This website, www.flowform.net, is the central Flowform® website for the world. It is owned by Flowform International Ltd, the company of John Wilkes, the inventor of the Flowform Method™ in 1970, and Iain Trousdell and 17 other investors from New Zealand, Australia, America and Europe.

Flowform International Ltd is developing the Flowform® brand worldwide with a global group, some of whom have been colleagues for many years and others who have joined our Healing Water™ endeavour more recently.

We are also active in not-for-profit charities, our Healing Water Institutes in UK, NZ and USA. The www.healingwaterinstitute.org.nz website is the best place to visit for this presently.

Who Are We? ( entries in development)

jwilkes photo fingerJohn Wilkes (ARCA Hons). John has been active in water research and sustainable design since the 1950s, long before people were concerned about sustainable and environmental issues.

In particular he worked with George Adams (1894 – 1963), the pioneer of Path Curve geometry, and this close association led directly to John’s invention in 1970 of our unique and elegant proprietary Flowform® vortical rhythmic eco-technology.

John has spent a lifetime studying form in nature, as well as the laws of metamorphosis, keys to understanding the mysterious lifeforce that forms and sustains all living things. This insight into the natural world led directly to Flowform® bio-mimicry; literally, technology and art from the heart of nature.

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