Wherever fresh water is captured out of nature by human beings its capacity to support life is reduced.
Water needs to flow actively, and then rest in unpressured environments, to maintain the three types of water quality: organic, chemical and energetic.

Humanity’s ways of holding, transporting and using water do not take into account the way Nature looks after its water ‘ in the wild’.

Flowform® eco-technology enables Nature’s best methods of water quality regeneration to be active in water even when it is in a captured condition in agriculture, industry and domestically.

Flowform® eco-technology arises directly out of Nature’s way of working, and therefore is both efficient and beautiful. It fulfils social, artistic and technical functions through landscape, interior arts and effective water treatment, often simultaneously.

Superstream™ Effect: This is where one forward Flowform® metre is similar to10 metres of natural stream flow with regard to water treatment. This is because the average drop of water flows repeatedly through a side to side, figure8 in every Flowform® unit. Its like unraveling a figure8 ball of wool… lots of length all wrapped up in a small forward space.

Do take a look at the Flowform® video above to see this figure8 action, unique to our Flowform® technology.
Flowing movement is how Nature continually improves its fresh water quality, not only through oxygenating but also through ‘polishing’… which is all the vortical and interior water movement that increases energetic frequencies in oxygen-hydrogen cluster structures at a molecular level inside the water.

Water Flow Maximized: Also because of the Figure8™ side to side flow pattern, where a relative trickle of water is captured to become a streaming pond of water, the water flow appears to be much greater than the actual flowrate would normally look like. This means that Flowform® sculptures create an impressive water experience with a relatively small pump reducing all the costs entailed in that.

Cost Effective Installation in Landscaping: Normally with other landscaped cascades and streams, much preparatory work is needed to ensure that water does not leak out of the structure. With the Flowform® streams and cascades, water is contained within the sculptures, and these fit together logically on a firm base of steps or sloping gradient.


  • The Figure8™, heart pulse flow action, central to the inner activities of nature, can only be seen in the outer world in our unique Flowform® designs. Comments and observations over 40 years show this has a significant effect on the human mind and physiology. Apart from the pump no working parts
  • Revitalises ponds while being a sculpture
  • Scientific background to the work
  • Heart rhythm sounds of natural water play
  • Therapeutic effect of these rhythms for people
  • Flowform® models designed to work in agriculture, factory, interior home and office and landscape situations.
  • Animals and plants respond well to the water
  • Negative Ions generated by the water flow to energize the environment
  • Can help people sleep at nights
  • ‘Water Music’ masks traffic and industrial noises
  • Sets a perfect social atmosphere.
  • Profoundly relaxing and peaceful yet enlivening at the same time.
  • Affects brain waves in a similar fashion to Baroque Music.
  • Radiates healthy natural energy.
  • Moving water humidifies the air
  • Educational benefits through sensory stimulation
  • Child safety around water with the flick of switch