Flowform® eco-technology has been used extensively in many hundreds of water improvement projects worldwide for over thirty years.

It is a rhythmic vortex technology that improves water’s ability to support life.

One of its most effective uses is to enliven pond water that has little or no movement in it.

Every pond needs a stream!

Flowform® Superstreams™ bring a powerful mountain stream with the pulse of life to any pond, when the water is circulated from the far side of the pond through the Flowform™ cascade. This also brings movement into the entire ponds as well as oxygenating and energizing the water.

Fish have been observed to become more lively and energetic, feeding better and especially enjoying playing around the Flowform® waterfalls and streams.

Flowform® eco-technology is an elegant bio-mimicry that uses Nature’s best methods to help water support life, and is well supported by science and many positive results.

The two main Flowform® methods helping water support life are

  1. The movements of a lively mountain stream (increased many times through the Superstream Effect™ )
  2. The rhythmic pulse found inside all living things, whether they are plants or animals.

When we capture fresh water it loses its original capacity to support life. Anyone who sees the effect of rainwater on a garden knows this. Water from a mountain stream has the same effect…

Taking fresh water out of it’s natural environment removes it from natural self renewal.

Flowform® eco-technology gives water back to Nature, even when it is in a man-made environment.

This extraordinary technology comes from the very heart of nature, because of the remarkable insights of John Wilkes into the metamorphic laws of nature. It is as if Nature itself has shown how to help water support life, through his invention of this ideal bio-mimicry method.

The technology can be used effectively to oxygenate and energize your water for the benefit of fish, whose health depends on good quality water.


Oxygenation Report
Water Treatment Report (including Effluent)


AKALLA (Available within UK or export from UK)

Harmonic, rounded river boulder shaped water sculptures, that move water through vigorous cascades in the small form, active flow in the medium form and broad streams in the large form, which also has a tiny figure8 action in a ventricle at its outfall. These are ideal water features to create a gorgeous stream that can also enliven ponds. They can be arranged in any order to suit the landscape plan.

EMERSON II (Cast in Europe and California, supplied to anywhere)

Smaller than Emerson I, the Emerson II is a popular figure8 cascade with rich water movement and formal shell-like wings, flowing in tiered steps.

VORTEX (Cast in NZ, California and UK, supplied to anywhere)

Especially designed to activate water energy frequencies, as well as to oxygenate and polish water, the Vortex model creates powerful vortices swirling in opposite directions through a figure8.

These vortices fall into a chaos chamber that opens up the water to cosmic radiation, which is a quantum physics concept regarding information frequencies.

This helps increase water’s capacity to support in gardening, farming and aquaculture.