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The world’s water fresh water supply is dying. Help us bring it back to life.


  • Flowform is a scientific method of ‘folding’ water that cleans and restructures water without any chemicals.
  • Flowform mimics what water always does in an unspoiled natural environment: cleans itself through rhythmically mixing with oxygen and supports life
  • Flowform technology allows water to be reoxygenated 10 times more efficiently and results in the retention of oxygen for 4 times longer than traditional methods.
  • Returning water to this natural fresh mountain stream state with high PH and Oxygen levels fosters incredible benefits for plant and animal produce and can make massive impact on human and livestock effluence, as well as a variety of other benefits. 
  • The world’s freshwater supply is running out dangerously quickly, Flowform technology is built fix that.

The Current State Of Water

Drinking Water 12%
Agriculture 35%
Industrial 20%
Effluent Waste 50%

Non Treated Water Waste

Water Treated

Tones of Water Waste Every


Downward Trend

The current tread of water treatment is pointing at a lack of healthy water supply for mankind by the end of the century. One of the biggest parts of water treatment for reuse in the largest sectors of water waste such as agriculture, is oxygenation of the water. Flowform does this more efficiently than any other solution on the market and stands to help tackle the world water waste issue by cutting down the cost and time for water treatment and recycling.


  • The Home Flowform is A beautiful, relaxing ceramic Flowform® water feature that enlivens the environment for your home, apartment, office and garden named the ‘Matatiki’.
  • It is very simple to set up, requiring only 5 litres of water and a power socket for the quiet pump that comes with it.
  • The ‘Matatiki’ can energize tap water for drinking or activate liquid fertilizers for your garden to drastically increase plant growth.
  • It comes with a water chute to collect vitalized water direct from the vitalizing figure8 flow.
  • Designed in New Zealand based on the Flowform® invention of John Wilkes.

FLOWFORM For Agriculture

  • Flowform® eco-technology has been used extensively in many farming, horticulture and home garden projects worldwide for over thirty years.
  • It is a rhythmic vortical bio-mimicry that uses Nature’s best methods to help water support life, backed by science and real world results.
Stagnant Waters

Refreshing semi-stagnant horticultural ponds / Improving irrigation water for greenhouses and fields

Effluent Treatment

Changing livestock and human effluents into aerobic liquid fertilizer that the land can easily absorb. Increasing beneficial Micro-organism activity. 

Biodynamic Preparation stirring.

 30 to 40 litres of Preparation 500 can treat 1 hectare / 2.5 acres of land

Activating liquid fertilizers

Activating liquid fertilizers before putting onto the land greatly increasing crop yield.

Fish Farms

Oxygenating water for increased fish farm health and yield.

Fish Fertilizers

For production of seaweed and fish fertilizers, greatly speeding up the process.

Plant Health

For plant germination and general health


Renewing fresh water for livestock to drink.

FLOWFORM For Landscaping

  • Flowform® eco-technology has been used extensively on landscaping projects all over the world.
Our eco-technology provides a sculpted mountain stream to enliven ponds in gardens, of any sizes, even up to several hectare ponds in public gardens! The fish and plantlife increase due to the oxygenation.
The addition of a Flowform® cascade adds greatly to the landscaping and social effect around your pool, while giving your pool what it wants… a mountain stream to treat the water! The water is routed from the filtration system to the top of the cascade, to run directly into the pool through a lively, heart pulse waterfall that restructures the water at a molecular level. With the water refreshed and active, you will you need far less chemicals and the water will feel softer and fresher on you and your children’s skin.
Normally with other landscaped cascades and streams, much preparatory work is needed to ensure that water does not leak out of the structure. With the Flowform® streams and cascades, water is contained within the sculptures, and these fit together logically on a firm base of steps or sloping gradient.

Meet The Team

Our team maintains an effective mix of development experience and seasoned leadership in order to provide innovative strategies and solutions required to meet the needs of our international client base. Our team relies on unparalleled project management, monitoring and evaluation, team management, and stakeholder management experience in order to ensure the proliferation of FLOWFORM and living water.

Rogier is a highly effective CEO with a proven record in numerous international projects in multicultural environments for a FTSE 5 corporation

Rogier van Kuyk

Chief Executive Officer

International experience in company development.

Elaine Beadle

Chair of Board

Successor to the inventor of FlowForm John Wilkens, developing new products and working on empirical research.

Ian Trousdell

Chief Development Officer

International experience in project management and financial management.

Zoltan Gajewszky

Chief Operating Officer

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